Hayden James gets Lifted with Bandit Lites
Wednesday, 22 June 2022
hayden-james-troygerhardtphoto-2Hayden James recently wrapped up his Lifted tour
USA - Australian producer and DJ Hayden James recently wrapped up his North American Lifted tour with a lighting system provided by Bandit Lites.
Production designer David Fairless fashioned a lighting design that stepped out of any typical box with an asymmetrical design that would create large impact in a variety of venue sizes while fitting the desired gear in a 12ft by 6ft trailer that was limited on weight.
“It was a last-minute call to switch to such a tight space and weight restriction but by working with the team at Bandit Lites, we were able to come up with a hugely successful touring package for the limitations we had,” explains Fairless.
“The main element of the design was linear strips of Spectron that are arranged randomly floating throughout the space,” says Fairless. “With a look like this, I was able to play with the height and depth of the design creating interesting lighting and video effects.”
Utilizing the versatility of the Sceptron and controlling them via a Hippo Media Server, Fairless was able to switch between video content and using the strip as a DMX fixture.
“This gave me organic looks when needed, but also sharp and hard hits throughout the set,” he continues.
Bandit Lites also provided JDC strobes, which back lit the floating strips while also suppling additional lighting looks.
“David’s approach and roll with the flow attitude was exceptional was we progressed through the space and weight curveballs. He acted as a true professional throughout the process and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again” says Bandit Lites vice president of business development Brent Barrett. “Also, I want to give major kudos to Matt King for his effort to research and meet the challenges as they arose.”
“The focus to detail was outstanding and our package was ready to go out the door on arrival,” concludes Fairless. “We had amazing communication throughout the process, and even when working on different time zones, Brent and Matt made the process very easy and enjoyable.”

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