Quantum controls audio at landmark Polish venue
Tuesday, 26 July 2022
cavatinahall5The six-storey, multi-functional venue provides commercial and entertainment facilities
Poland - The recently-constructed Cavatina Hall has been designed with a focus on vision over budget and the ambition of becoming a landmark centre on Europe’s cultural map. The six-storey, multi-functional venue provides commercial and entertainment facilities with over 9000 sq. m of office space, a chamber music hall, recording studio, and the highlight of the construction, a 1000-capacity concert hall. The hall is complete with an AV network, streamlined and managed by Quantum 338 digital consoles from DiGiCo.
The project began in 2018, conceptualised by one of Poland's largest property development companies, Cavatina Holding. Located in the city of Bielsko-Biała in Southern Poland, the shell-shaped building with glass façade, became an instant architectural beauty, and now houses the offices of the holding company and related firms, alongside the ultra-modern entertainment facilities.
“We can confidently claim that Cavatina Hall is one of the best facilities of its kind in the world, combining commercial industry with the promotion of art in a unique and modern building,” explains Katarzyna Pytlarczyk, CEO of Fiducia Foundation, the administrator of Cavatina Hall. “Our aim was to provide the highest quality experience for our audiences. Providing a seamless and flexible environment for any artist and any show, where equipment can be easily updated as technology evolves, was a way to achieve this goal. It’s the audience that is most important to us.”
With over 20 years of experience in high profile AV installations, Warsaw-based Audio Plus was appointed as the technical contractor, briefed with selecting top-flight technology and providing expert support throughout the complex design. The Audio Plus team was invited to participate in the project from inception until completion, to ensure the successful integration of all stage technology systems.
“The concert hall has been designed for ultimate flexibility and the technology is ready for any event. All types of music can be produced perfectly, whether the venue is hosting symphonic and chamber concerts or pop and rock performances,” says Tomasz Ibrom, Audio Plus’ installation engineer, who was responsible for the Cavatina installation. "When we were invited to manage the AV installation, we knew this project would not be just another installation. We wanted to design the sound technology of the future," recalls Sylwester Wojcieszek, designer at SDST.pl, the technology design contractor to Audio Plus.
The concert hall’s acoustics is mastered to the highest level and the technology follows this approach. The high-tech AV infrastructure is distilled into a hybrid digital/analogue network, which runs across an Optocore fibre platform, feeding an extensive L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal sound system, one of the largest in Europe, and operated from four different sound engineer stations, manned by a pair of roving DiGiCo Quantum 338 consoles.
“With over 40 custom-made connection boxes, the Hall’s audio network allows the transmission of signals from anywhere to anywhere, in any existing format,” explains Ibrom. “And the multiple engineering stations enable a wealth of set up scenarios to optimise acoustic placement and seating arrangements, depending on the occasion. Quantum’s easy integration with the Optocore network and L-ISA immersive technology offers thorough and simple control in what is a complex and comprehensive system design.”

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