Astera launches multi-lingual website
Tuesday, 26 July 2022
astera-new-website-4The multi-lingual website is optimised for all devices
Germany - Wireless LED lighting manufacturer Astera has launched a new multi-lingual website optimised for all devices -
Astera sales director Sebastian Bückle explained that when the previous website was launched, they had three lighting fixtures and 10 accessories available. There are currently 11 Astera luminaires and an impressive 150 handy accessories, all of which now have their own pages complete with videos and downloads.
“Our objective was to empower our users by creating the smartest web page in the industry containing a mine of relevant information explaining products and answering all questions.”
The project was started during the Covid lockdowns when remote support became a vital service.
“With the live show and event industry back to full speed and more, we fully appreciate that technicians, gaffers, crew and designers need to get good and accurate info in seconds, so we focused on embracing this with practical design and the streamlining of basic elements like the menu systems which are logical and intuitive,” notes Sebastian.
Having good and comprehensive technical support is vital for Astera as the lights become increasingly complex with more features, so the website is designed for all users to find answers to their questions.
Available in several key languages, Astera wanted to ensure this resource was accessible to everyone, from big rental companies to the numerous smaller customers internationally who might buy a handful of lights or rent lights for one gig.
“We want to make sure everyone can fully understand and appreciate the scope of the products and their features, and while translating the website is a vast amount of work, we have a great team who come from our industry and know all the right terms, lingo and colloquialisms in each language,” states Sebastian.

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