Konin arts centre upgrades with Chauvet
Thursday, 28 July 2022
arts-and-culture-center-oskard2A key part of this rejuvenation was the installation of two all-new lighting rigs
Poland - In the city centres and main squares of many Polish towns and cities, visitors will come upon a multi-purpose building known locally as a ‘culture house’. Like many of these structures, which date back to the 1960s, Arts and Culture Centre Oskard in Konin was beginning to show its age.
A renaissance has now taken place in this centre thanks to a renovation project run by the Arts and Culture Centre Oskard's Arts Council and Committee. A key part of this rejuvenation was the installation of two all-new lighting rigs, one for each of the centre’s stages.
The council did careful research, visiting trades shows and consulting with local installation specialist, LTT, which distributes Chauvet Professional products in Poland.
In the end, Chauvet Professional fixtures were used for the new rig. To provide the foundation for a multitude of powerful looks on the main stage, LTT relied on a collection of 12 Maverick MK1 Hybrid, 12 Maverick MK2 Spot, 16 Maverick MK2 Wash and six Maverick MK2 Profile fixtures.
The MK2 Spot is on upstage truss; the MK2 Wash is arranged on the back of the stage as well as hung on upstage truss; the MK1 Hybrid is positioned on the back of the stage and the floor; and the MK2 Profile is flown on upstage truss. All the fixtures work together to provide an engaging mix of colours, prism effects and gobo patterns
From full-scale touring concert productions, to the education of youth through artistic workshops and lectures, the fixtures have already proven their ability to provide multifaceted lighting atmospheres for the venue’s varied program. Thanks to the positioning of the fixtures split between front and rear of the stage, the in-house technicians have an additional creative tool to ensure a continuous flow of interesting looks, throwing concentrated beams of light in countervailing motions to create visual juxtaposition and depth.
In the Club Stage, which is intended for smaller music events, workshops and other performative forms, there are four Rogue R1 FX-B, and 20 COLORdash Par Hex 7 IP fixtures, which were hung in a similar trussing arrangement to that within the main stage. While the stage itself is modest in comparison to the main stage, the design team applied the same approach to creating visual versatility, applying a myriad of concentrated beams and coloured effects to award the stage and venue with a much larger look and feel.
Prior to the installation of the new rig, technicians at the venue had to work with both par cans and moving fixtures. Now, as a result of the upgrade, the rig consists only of new fixtures. This saves time, as does the installation of a new ethernet-based ArtNet protocol.
“The venue itself is very impressed with the power and flexibility of moving heads,” according to a statement from the LTT team. “Not only can the in-house lighting technicians now spend more time creating great effects, they have a lighting set up which is able to cover many different applications, staying true to versatility of cultural performances that the Arts and Culture Centre Oskard has always represented.”

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