Focal debuts 100-T Series for large spaces
Tuesday, 2 August 2022
focalThe new range is designed for large residential, commercial and professional spaces
France - Focal sound has launched the 100-T Series line. This new range of in-ceiling and outdoor loudspeakers is designed for large residential, commercial and professional spaces, such as shops, hotels and restaurants.
The new range takes its technology cues from Focal’s established 100 Series, with new features and international certifications to meet the requirements of large-scale integrated systems.
The 100-T Series includes five loudspeakers: three in-ceiling products (100 ICW5-T, 100 ICW6-T,100 ICW8-T) and two IP66-certified outdoor loudspeakers (100 OD6-T and 100 OD8-T), rated for their guaranteed protection against dust and water.
These loudspeakers are direct descendants of Focal’s 100 Series in terms of design, technologies - Polyglass cone, aluminium tweeter - and its sound quality even at low volume. They are compact, slimline and have magnetic, ready-to-paint grilles, which makes them easy to fit and very discreet.
The 100-T Series speakers also feature an adjustable transformer, which switches the power of the loudspeakers for 70volt/100 volt systems. They can be linked together to cover a huge listening area.

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