L-Acoustics powers Impact Arena shows
Monday, 8 August 2022
thailandMark Tuan performed and met with more than 10,000 fans over two nights at the Impact Arena
Thailand – As large-scale live shows begin to return to delight fans across Asia Pacific, one of the region’s biggest stars recently wrapped up two sold-out concerts and fan meets at Bangkok’s Impact Arena.
California-born Mark Tuan made his mark on the K-Pop genre with superstar boyband Got7 and has since confirmed his place as a multidimensional celebrity recognised internationally as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and model. The multi-purpose Impact Arena - which includes a convention centre that can be used for sporting events, conferences, and concerts - was chosen for Mark Tuan to perform and meet with more than 10,000 fans over two nights.
Bangkok-based 4nologue promoted the event. They turned to local audio-visual provider PM Center Co’s team of audio professionals to deploy pristine tour-level sound in the largest concert venue in Thailand. “Our first choice for concerts of this size is always an L-Acoustics system,” says Mr. Thanakorn Tangsereewongsa, head of business development at PM Center, which boasts an inventory of L-Acoustics products from certified provider distributor Vision One. “Most artists’ concert riders specifically list L-Acoustics above others. In our experience, a comprehensive L-Acoustics system provides our engineers with dedicated tools for system optimisation and calibration.”
The Impact Arena, with 24ft-high ceilings and smooth, hard walls, is a difficult venue for sound designers. “Our team knew that reflections would be their main challenge,” explains Mr. Thanakorn. “The team relied on L-Acoustics K2 with Panflex horizontal directivity to reduce reflections and keep the powerful sound on the audience area only.”
Using Soundvision 3D modelling software, a system consisting of main arrays of 20 L-Acoustics K2 was deployed with two arrays of eight K1-SB subwoofers flown behind. Out-fill arrays consisting of nine K2 over three Kara II down per side were added, as well as two arrays of six K2 per side for delay. To add more power to the low end, the team deployed 24 L-Acoustics SB28 ground-stacked subwoofers across the front of the stage. The entire system was powered by 32 LA8 and six LA12X amplified controllers.
“Soundvision ensured PM Center’s design would be the perfect configuration for the venue space,” says front-of-house engineer and system designer Mr. Chayut Boonchuayjaroen. “Then, when we were on-site, tuning the system via LA Network Manager was swift and decisive, thanks to our pre-calculations: This assured me that I would be able to mix intuitively on a clear, pristine-sounding system.”

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