Holy Redeemer adds colour and control with ETC
Wednesday, 31 August 2022
etc-and-holy-redeemer-2Michigan’s Holy Redeemer Catholic Church
USA - Holy Redeemer Catholic Church near Grand Rapids, Michigan needed more light, more colour, and more control – but didn’t have the budget for a complete overhaul. With ETC’s flexible lighting solutions, they were able to get a whole new look without installing a whole new system.
To add more illumination, David Kolenda of West Michigan Lighting and Controls replaced incandescent fixtures with ETC Desire D22 fixtures featuring a Lustr+ colour LED array in the track surrounding the altar. ColorSource Spots and PARs added accents and highlights.
“They loved the D22’s and ColorSource fixtures – especially with the colour tuning,” says Kolenda. “All the fixtures output automatically calibrated colour so they get an even field from all the fixtures.”
The colour also offers them more possibilities in the space. When children present scripture plays on the altar, or holidays require a little extra emphasis, the colour adds extra vibrancy. The church is also thrilled with the intensity of the fixtures. “They kept wanting to turn the lights down, the LEDs were so bright compared to what they were used to. They’re only running at 17 percent of output! They’re amazed at the variety of levels that they couldn’t get with incandescent.”
They were also pleasantly surprised they didn’t need to upgrade their ETC Paradigm system, even though it was nearly a decade old. Kolenda designed new menus for the Paradigm Touchscreen controllers, letting the church control all the new looks and colours from the same system they were used to.

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