Shure tunes and refines Stem Ecosystem
Thursday, 29 September 2022
stemecosystemThe Stem Ecosystem provides a customisable audio solution that is easy to set up
UK - Shure has extensively tuned and refined Stem Ecosystem audio components in certified acoustic labs at its headquarters. These advancements, available to Stem users today via Firmware v2.5, have yielded significant improvements in clarity, more consistent speech levels, and enhanced intelligibility for a more natural and transparent communication experience
The Stem Ecosystem provides a customisable audio solution that is easy to set up and designed to seamlessly fit the requirements of any room. Combined with the audio quality and acoustic performance improvements of Firmware v2.5, Stem delivers an even more effortless way to achieve a great-sounding conferencing audio experience.
“In recent firmware updates, we improved the installation and setup experience of Stem solutions and the reliability of products already in the field. This new update provides substantial improvements in acoustic performance and audio quality,” said Luis Guerra, Associate Director of Global Product Management for the Stem Ecosystem, at Shure.
“We care about enabling our customers to create meeting spaces where they don’t even have to think about the audio because it just works, regardless of the environment,” continued Guerra. “We are confident that the enhanced audio performance featured in this update will have an encouraging and positive impact on our customers’ experiences in their meeting spaces.”
Because Stem devices have auto-updates enabled by default, all Stem Ecosystem devices connected to a network with internet access and on default settings will update automatically overnight

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