Redeemer Church Nottingham gets inspired
Wednesday, 5 October 2022
redeemer-churchA custom-built auditorium added to the rear of the site.
UK - In 2017 Redeemer Church Nottingham held its first service at the Beeston Youth Community Centre. The congregation has grown steadily ever since. In 2018 it was clear the church would expand beyond the community centres capacity and a search began for an alternative venue.
In early 2019 Beeston’s local council were also in the process of finding potential bidders to buy the Old Town Hall. Redeemer submitted a strong proposal and following successful financial arrangements purchased the building. Since then, the building has undergone considerable renovation and modernisation, with a custom-built auditorium added to the rear of the site.
Inspired Audio has had a long-standing relationship with Redeemer. In 2017 the church tried several high-end sound systems from major manufacturers before finally deciding on Inspired Audio. The compact AX8 and B210 system was chosen
“We wanted something people could move easily and that sounded great, the Inspired system did both,” says Inspired’s Andi Churchill. The building work was completed in 2022 and was commission that September. “They wanted crystal clean audio with plenty of headroom,” adds Churchill.
The chosen system was two hangs of four Vector 20 constant curvature array boxes, each covering half the auditorium with 110 x 80 dispersion. Sub-bass extension is provided by two single 18” B118 enclosures. The system is powered by two Q20 system amplifiers giving enough channels to perfectly zone the main auditorium and balcony areas.
“It’s great, you walk through the room and the sound just stays with you. It’s perfect for our needs,” says a church spokesman.

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