Kansas wraps anniversary tour with Bandit Lites
Tuesday, 18 October 2022
kansas-2022-2Kansas is one of the more formidable rock bands consistently touring
USA - After 122 shows over four years, rock band Kansas wrapped up the Point of Know Return Anniversary Tour. With fans still clamouring for the show to carry on, the band embarked on a tour celebrating their classic hits with a lighting system designed by Scott Pearson and provided by Bandit Lites.
With nine gold albums, three multi-platinum albums and six decades of touring, Kansas is one of the more formidable rock bands consistently touring.
“During COVID-19, I personally have become very close to several members of the Kansas entourage, especially Phillip Ehart and JR Rees,” said Bandit Lites chair, Michael T. Strickland. “We bonded in the early days and have stayed in constant communication for over two years. There is not a finer, more talented organization that Kansas. Their involvement and work on COVID-19 relief was second to none and we all owe them a debt of gratitude.”
Bandit Lites supplied Pearson Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Chauvet Rogue R2 Washes and Elation CuePix Blinder WW2.
Using the Rogue R2 Washes to simulate the classic PAR look, those in the audience are transported back in time to a 1970s look with today’s technology. Forgoing video, the tour utilises backdrops while the stage set and truss towers are toned with Elation SixPar 100s. “The Rogue R2 Washes are a ton of fun and very punchy,” said Pearson. “I really like them as a front wash.”
As the long-time designer is well versed in the music and parameters of the band, Pearson is given the latitude to try new and different lighting for the show.
“Kansas is a shining example of the ideal account, high speed and low drag all the way,” said Bandit Lites client representative Mike Stanley. “Chad Singer and Scott are great to work with and fly completely under the radar. I think it’s safe to say most conversations are general catch ups opposed to gear and shows. I very much enjoy these guys’ company and hope that it continues for years to come.”
“My experience is always great, whether I’m prepping at the shop for a tour, or out on the road,” finished Pearson. “Mike Stanley is on top of things and Matt King always has answers. They’re family to the Kansas camp!”

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