Nexo delivers clear sound for popup cinema
Friday, 28 October 2022
nexo-screen-and-audioBlackbeam provides popup cinema hire services to a range of customers
UK - It’s been a busy summer for Blackbeam, the popup cinema and event projection specialists based in Barnstaple on the north coast of Devon. The company provides popup cinema hire services to a range of customers including Exeter Phoenix, Seaton Outdoor Cinema and the National Trust, in addition to organising its own Blackbeam Cinematic events.
A graduate of the Royal College of Art with a history of working in the events services industry, Blackbeam owner Alastair Leslie knows that powerful, full range cinematic sound is every bit as important as a great picture in creating a thrilling and truly immersive outdoor movie experience. So Blackbeam audiences are wowed by the punch and clarity of a compact Nexo line array system comprising two hangs of six Geo M6 boxes with a pair of LS18 subs on the floor, with amplification and processing from a pair of NXAMP4X2MK2 powered processors.
“We never come away from a gig without somebody in the audience complimenting us on the sound quality,” reports Alastair. “And it’s not just about power, but also intelligibility.”
Transport and deployment are also important to any events services company. “The Nexo system is very light and compact, so it’s easy to transport” continues Alastair. “And it can be rigged by a single tech. Even the amplifier and processing rack is just 4U. Yet despite its diminutive size, the audio holds up at best quality up to 40 metres from source, and the audience coverage is impressively consistent.
“With our Airscreen inflatable screen, Panasonic projection, Nexo sound and Blackbeam knowhow, we can create a world-class movie theatre experience almost anywhere, in hardly any time at all.”

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