Council of the EU installs tvONE and Hippotizer
Monday, 31 October 2022
tvonehippocouncil-of-the-eupress-room2The LED videowall in the Europa Building pressroom is driven by a tvONE CORIOmaster 2 and envelops the speakers
Belgium – tvONE CORIOmaster2 and Hippotizer solutions have been installed at the Council of the European Union and European Council headquarters in Brussels, to drive several LED and LCD walls used as graphical backdrop during high-level international events.
Housed in two buildings, the Council of the European Union is where ministers from each EU member state meet to discuss, amend, and adopt EU directives, and coordinate policies. The European Council, housed in the same buildings, is responsible for the political direction and priorities of the European Union.
The institutions already use two tvONE CORIOmaster2 video wall processors at their facilities in both the Justus Lipsius Building and the Europa Building in central Brussels. In the Europa Building, a CORIOmaster2 manages the visuals on a Barco LED wall in the VIP entrance - where Heads of State and ministers enter the building - and a Leyard LED wall in the pressroom of that building. In the Justus Lipsius Building a second CORIOmaster2 processes the graphical background of the TV studio, comprising three Planar LCD videowalls and one large 4K Konvision LCD display, as well as a brand new Leyard LED wall in the main pressroom.
The video wall in the Europa Building pressroom is a Leyard LED wall, made up of 96 Leyard AT 1.5 pixel pitch LED panels, enveloping the speakers in a curved, horseshoe formation. This pressroom is mainly used by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, following his meetings with world leaders.
The CORIOmaster2 used in that building, as well as the Leyard wall, were supplied to the Council of the EU by Athens-based Telmaco S.A to the AV technical team at the Brussels facility.
The new video wall in the Justus Lipsius Building is a flat LED wall made up of 100 Leyard AT 1.5 pixel pitch panels which was provided and installed, as well as the CORIOmaster 2 driving it, by the Brussels-based Broadcast Systems Provider and Integrator VP Media Solutions.
The in-house team at the Council of the European Union and the European Council say that they value the versatility of the CORIOmaster2, noting that it is modular, so that they can customize it with numerous different input and output cards. They also highlight that the powerful technology under the hood of the unit can control three different canvases or graphical spaces with ease, and that the handling of pre-sets means easy creation and recall and that set up was simple to achieve.
The Council of the European Union and the European Council also have three Hippotizer Media Servers installed, with one Karst+ in each of the two press rooms and one Boreal+ in the TV studio.

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