Anolis helps spread Romanza in Reno
Friday, 11 November 2022
anolis-romanzaThe Romanza eating experience is now newly intensified with an Anolis installation (photo: John Priebe)
USA - The ambience, smells, tastes and cultural whiffs of traditional Italy and its Tuscany region can be sampled by diners delving into the cuisine offered at the Romanza restaurant in Reno, Nevada, USA.
Part of the Peppermill Resort Hotel & Spa property, the whole Romanza eating experience is now newly intensified with an Anolis interior architectural LED lighting installation that has brought extra life and vibrance to this foodie hot spot.
The new lighting scheme – comprising Anolis Eminere and ArcSource 4MC luminaires – was designed and specified by John Priebe, production lighting lead for the whole Peppermill complex, who co-ordinates lighting for all areas with color changing luminaires installed in addition to lighting the numerous events and conventions that are staged in the complex.
The Anolis fixtures replace an older lighting scheme that highlighted Romanza’s “enchanted” domed roof plus other key scenic elements, due for replacement with a more contemporary, more effective and – importantly – more sustainable version.
When the owners decided to use the Covid shut down constructively to action this upgrade, John came off furlough to oversee the operation and started scouting around for the right luminaires. The Anolis brand was chosen.
The interior of the dome is now illuminated by 52 x ArcSource 4MC (RGBW) luminaires which are ensconced in a series of 13 scenic torches that are part of a curved ‘wall’ running around the main restaurant space.
These ArcSources are working in conjunction with 20 x Eminere floods fitted with 35 x 70-degree wide angle lenses. All are attached to a structural ring a few feet below the ceiling that also supports the top plinth of a series of ‘stone’ Corinthian columns encircling the wider room.
An additional 12 x ArcSource 4MC luminaires rigged on the ring are focused on three ornate Romanesque statues that form a striking centrepiece in the main area.
The dome ceiling also now has its clouds outlined subtly with new LED tape and retains its signature twinkling fiber optic stars highlighted by an attractive fresh setting with the new lighting.
Three primary settings are programmed for the new lights – day, night, and fire – all of which energize the room with colour and atmosphere, a task completed using a remotely located grandMA3 Command Wing XT and grandMA Web Remote over WIFI.

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