Prolights debuts multipurpose LED soft tube
Thursday, 1 December 2022
eclsofttube100The EclSoft Tube100 multipurpose, IP65 wireless linear pixel tube
Italy - Prolights has released its latest product in the soft light range, the EclSoft Tube100, a multipurpose, IP65 wireless linear pixel tube designed for film & TV, indoor and outdoor environments.
The EclSoft Tube100 has a 48W RGB+WW source and 16 independently controlled sections. Just like the other fixtures in the soft light range, it has RGBW mode, HSI, CMY, XY, Raw Direct, CCT linear, CCT presets with +/- green shift, source emulation and industry standard gels, plus a wide range of built-in pixel effects.
There is a powerful, long-lasting battery on-board and Wireless DMX (CRMX and W-DMX), making it possible to take the EclSoft Tube100 anywhere without running cables. The new soft tube includes a built-in power supply that bipasses the battery and enables extra lumen output when connected to the mains, an ideal feature for users wanting to install the units on permanent sets.
The EclSoft Tube100 also includes an Ethernet port that supports Art-Net or s/ACN, and a PowerCon True input connection.
Prolights has added its innovative Spektra calibration that ‘guarantees colour fidelity’ across the range. The EclSoft Tube100 has high CRI and TLCI values to render precise skin-tones on camera.
The accessory range includes light modifiers by DoP Choice, clamps and magnetic fixing systems, adaptors, a tripod and an eye bolt to hang the EclSoft Tube100. There is also an eight-unit kit that comes with a wide selection of accessories.

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