Andolite acquired by 10 out of 10 Productions
Wednesday, 7 December 2022
tv-studioAndolite will continue to offer its full range of manufactured products to the marketplace
UK - 10 out of 10 Productions has announced its acquisition of lighting and sound systems manufacturer, Andolite.
Andolite will continue to operate as an independent company as part of 10 out of 10 Productions, offering its full range of manufactured products to the marketplace.
Founded over twenty years ago, Andolite provides installers in the entertainment industry with cost-effective and robust manufactured lighting products. Following on from its struggle to overcome the pressures of the COVID pandemic, 10 out of 10 productions will work alongside the Andolite team to transform the business by improving its current product range, increasing innovations for new developments, and taking its offering into new untapped markets.
"We are delighted to have Andolite join the 10 out of 10 Productions cohort,” says Paul Need, director, 10 out of 10 Productions. “I'm looking forward to helping the Andolite team bring a new sense of life into the business. With already new and exciting products in development, we're excited to see where these next few months will take us. "
Clare Collister will remain as Andolites business manager and will play a crucial part in helping Paul Need, Director at 10 out of 10 productions accelerate new product developments.
“After a long association with 10 out of 10 Productions, it’s incredibly exciting to be a part of this significant new chapter in the company’s history,” says Collister. “I’m delighted to continue my role at Andolite and to lead our team of highly talented specialists as we take all that Andolite has to offer even further.”

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