Renkus-Heinz ICLX delivers for Platinum XP
Thursday, 8 December 2022
winkcThe Women’s Intersport Network (WIN) for KC Awards in Kansas City
USA - Production company Platinum XP has staked its success on the ICLive X from Renkus-Heinz. ICLive X, the intelligent evolution of the small-format line array, is fast becoming a sound solution of choice for production professionals.
ICLive X (ICLX) is a complete system consisting of three combinable, steerable array modules and one matching subwoofer. Recently, Platinum XP deployed a system featuring 2 ICLXL digitally steerable loudspeakers and two ICLX-118S subwoofers for the Women’s Intersport Network (WIN) for KC Awards in Kansas City, Missouri, successfully covering more than one thousand guests in the 2,700sq.ft auditorium with clear, intelligible audio - all without having to fly speakers or adhere to strict sight lines.
“We’re not like other rental production companies, and ICLive X is unlike any loudspeaker system you would typically look at for this type of application,” says Caleb Fankhauser, lead audio engineer at Platinum XP. “We set out to cover the floor of the arena without flying any speakers since tables were set up only a few feet from the stage. The sight lines to the projection screen made the steering capabilities of the speakers very important. Fortunately, Renkus-Heinz had the beam steering technology we needed for this deployment.”
Designed by Ralph Heinz, CTO of Renkus-Heinz, the ICLive X Series, each ICLX module comprises six 19 mm compression drivers on an ASM Waveguide coaxially mounted in front of two 8″ woofers. ICLX is a versatile loudspeaker intended for use as a high-output, digitally steerable line array module. ICLX can be arrayed up to 12 modules tall or used in combination with the ICLXL and ICLLX modules.
“ICLX is an A-rig with unmatched versatility,” explains Dudley McLaughlin, national sales manager of Renkus-Heinz. “It can be used in various configurations in the widest array of music performances, productions or special events. We are exceptionally pleased that a production company of Platinum XP’s calibre has elected to standardize on ICLive X and we’re encouraged by the tremendous success they’ve already experienced with this system.”
Echoing this sentiment, Fankhauser notes: “Our capacity to serve customers more comprehensively, efficiently and reliably has been strengthened by this remarkable sound system. The WIN for KC awards reaffirmed our decision to work with Renkus-Heinz, and we’ve since doubled down with additional inventory of ICLive X.”
Underscoring the production adage that a happy customer is a happy life, Brianna McCullough at WIN for KC acknowledged the winning partnership of Platinum XP’s production support and Renkus-Heinz’s ICLive X sound technology. “The awards luncheon was a complete hit. We were able to celebrate the many accomplishments of the amazing women who deserve to be recognised daily,” McCullough said. “Thanks to the great capabilities of Renkus-Heinz, every guest enjoyed the presentations, speeches and songs no matter where they were seated. We could not have asked for a better way to honour the ladies of the year.”

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