ISE 2023: RCF puts focus on amplification
Thursday, 5 January 2023
xps-16kd-backThe XPS Series is designed for high-power installation systems
Spain - RCF will be exhibiting at ISE in Barcelona (Hall7 - J150), showing their current portfolio alongside the launch of new products. The focus on the show floor will be a new section dedicated to RCF power amplification technology, new passive speakers (most notably the Compact A and Compact C series), the versatile active ART 9-AX speaker series, and audio solutions from the Business Music and Installed Sound product series.
The new XPS 16K power amplifier provides extreme power density and control, boasting four 4000W continuous power outputs, routing options with four analogue and digital AES/EBU inputs/outputs, Dante Audio Networking, and a complete set of tools for signal processing and tuning. Thanks to the complete RDNet integration, the sound system manager can choose active powered speakers or externally amplified modules for their system, evaluating the best approach that fits their requirements.
The XPS Series is designed for high-power installation systems such as auditoriums, theme parks, and performance venues. XPS provides installation-specific features, including enhanced system status monitoring, GPIOs for extended capabilities, flexible routing, and integration with the RDNet management platform.
QPS Series is a range of four-channel professional amplifiers that combine high-quality performance and reliability with the latest power amplification technologies. With two models of 10,000 Watts (4 x 2500 @ 2 Ohms) and 6,000 Watts (4 x 1500 @ 2 Ohms) continuous power, this design offers the sound quality and durability of Class HD amplifiers with the innovation of the latest power devices available. Each amplifier features independent gain control, signal/clip and fault indicators, stereo XLR input and output link, stereo, parallel/bridge operation, and speakON output connectors. Moreover, it is protected against shorts and open circuits. Thanks to its high-efficiency heat sinks and variable-speed fans, QPS amplifiers can withstand the most extreme heat conditions ensuring complete reliability.
IPS Series are high-performance, adaptable 2U power amplifiers for install applications, using sophisticated Class-H topology for two single-channel outputs, two parallel outputs or a single-channel bridge operativity in three power options designed for permanent installation applications.
RCF will introduce the innovative ART 9-AX Series, bi-amplified 2,100W portable speakers. ART 9-AX combines a high-powered two-way active speaker with a 6-ch onboard digital mixer, Bluetooth, and advanced control capabilities. All available functions and parameters are rear-panel accessible via a capacitive coluor touch screen with an encoder knob, or from a dedicated app, with iOS and Android devices.
Sharing the same cabinet as the ART 9 Series, the COMPACT A Series is a lightweight, high-performance, multi-purpose two-way full-range professional speaker for fixed installation projects from nightclubs to corporate spaces.
COMPACT C Series comprises two-way point source speakers for near and mid-distance applications, combining a compact wood cabinet with high output for accurate speech and music reproduction.

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