Bandit Lites AGM celebrates 55th anniversary year
Wednesday, 11 January 2023
agm-2023Milestone awards were handed out
USA - Bandit Lites recently held its Annual General Meeting, a gathering of all the team members across the country for an assessment of the year prior and announcements of future endeavours. Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland addressed the team, sharing insights on Bandit’s successes in 2022 and his goals for 2023, including new updated facilities, equipment and support.
“As we enter our 55th year Bandit continues to lead the way in the industry,” said Strickland. “Bandit is now well into fifth generation Bandits, and the younger people are taking the reins in many areas. We have introduced a brand new all aluminium meat rack storage solution that has revolutionized fixture storage and transport and the reaction has been amazing.
“We are also rolling out the first 100 Tyler Ladder Towers, which is another industry changing solution. A single unit is both a floor tower and a ladder, with the base serving as storage and transport. No more do you need expensive, custom dollies. The cross bars are moveable, and the units fit any fixture or combination. This is a game changer. The Ladder Tower also holds the fixtures in the correct plane.
“Bandit took delivery on the first 100 VL 3600 fixtures for use on a tour with Carrie Underwood. Bandit also bought a large quantity of Clay Paky Xytlos and Mini Xytlos, as well as the exciting new Volero Wave and TMB Flare Razr units. A host of new Grand MA 3 consoles are also now on board.”
Milestone awards were also handed out, with multiple Bandits celebrating decades at the company. Justin Wilk (lighting technician) and Chase Strickland (business manager) accepted accolades for five years, Sharon Gross (media relations coordinator) was honoured for 10 years and both Gene Brian (project manager) and John Lucksinger (lighting director) were recognised for 15 years.
“Chase and Justin and part of the new generation at Bandit and bring a lot of enthusiasm and promise,” said Strickland. “Justin is a great lighting technician and Chase is the new business manager. Both of them bring it every day at 110%. Sharon Gross has spent an amazing 10 years changing the digital face of Bandit and making us the market leader in that area. Our numbers are off the charts, and I am very proud of her.
“Gene Brian and John “Lucky” Lucksinger both just passed 15 years at Bandit and are incredible team members. Gene has moved from on the road, to a production manager, and is now the newest member of the rapidly growing integration team. There is no one with a more diverse skill set and a great attitude than Gene. Lucky is an amazing lighting director and has spent years with many different acts. He is currently out with the legendary ZZ Top where he has been for many years. There is no one more talented as a designer, director and a great person than Lucky. I want to thank all of the fine people for helping Bandit deliver Excellence every single day.”
Linda Sayers (accounts receivable manager) and Wayne Lotoza (lighting technician) both were lauded for 20 years at Bandit Lites. Strickland also awarded them with the Bandit tradition of a Rolex watch.
“I am so very proud of the great Bandit team,” shared Strickland. “We have over 40 people that have been at Bandit over 20 years, and many over 40 years. All of those honoured this year have earned distinction and are amazing people.”
Bandit also confirmed the purchase of a new office building in Charlotte, NC. Details on the building will be forthcoming.

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