Dark Matters turns to Brompton Technology
Friday, 20 January 2023
bromptonThe Dark Matters team chose 10 4K Tessera SX40 4K LED processors for their studio complex
France - Dark Matters is one of Europe’s most advanced and innovative virtual production complexes. From Simulcam and LED in-camera VFX technology to motion capture, it offers filmmakers and visual creatives a complete end-to-end service and unparalleled control to the very last shot.
Having heard only positive things from industry colleagues about Brompton Technology LED processing, the Dark Matters team chose 10 4K Tessera SX40 4K LED processors for their studio complex.
Dark Matters was founded last year by industry veterans Romain Cheminade, Jean-Louis Eude and Yaniss Boulanouar. Located 27 kilometres outside Paris, the complex features six customisable virtual production stages spread across 15,000m², and a 700-strong fleet of high-quality custom built LED panels powered by industry-leading Brompton Technology LED processing.
“At the forefront of every story is a human story,” says Cheminade, who is also Dark Matters’ CEO. “We spoke with people that we know and trust who have been working with Brompton for many years. They all spoke highly of their Tessera LED processors and 24/7 service support, so we decided to invest in them and have never regretted our decision.”
The company’s LED panels were designed and specified by co-founder and CTO, Boulanouar, who has over 20 years of experience working with Chinese LED manufacturers to design and import LED panels for live and broadcast events. With one of the key requirements for the Dark Matters’ LED stock being rich colour gamut, Boulanouar chose panels with 16-bit depth, 7680Hz refresh rate and 2.6mm pixel pitch.
Together with industry ‘gold-standard’ Brompton LED processing, they offer exceptionally realistic visuals, especially in the dark and high-luminance spectrum. “Our ultimate goal was to get as close to reality as we could, that’s why we chose custom LED panels powered by Brompton’s Tessera processors to give us a really dynamic range of colours,” recalls Boulanouar.
“Dark Matters is a great example of the coming together of brilliant minds to create a unique studio complex and service to its clients,” concludes Dries Vermeulen, business development manager (Europe) at Brompton Technology. “It’s impressive to see such a young business bring so much expertise and knowledge to the industry. We are delighted the team chose Brompton LED processing to power their cutting-edge LED. Dark Matters is one of the most innovative companies unfolding the real-time technology revolution, and we are thrilled to join them on this exciting journey.”

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