ADJ fixtures illuminate Miss Earth pageant
Friday, 20 January 2023
pageantLea Prstec was crowned Miss Earth Slovenia
Slovenia - For the second year running, a lighting rig comprised exclusively of ADJ fixtures was used to illuminate the 2022 Miss Earth Slovenia pageant. Following an online only event the previous year, due to the global pandemic, the 2022 contest took place in front of a live audience of over 500 people.
Seventy-two ADJ lighting fixtures – including the new Focus Profile and Focus Flex moving head luminaires – created a dazzling lightshow while also lighting the contestants for the judges. The event’s production also incorporated an ADJ LED video wall, ADJ haze machines and the lighting was all controlled using ADJ’s myDMX 3.0 software.
Founded in 2001, the Miss Earth Pageant is an international contest with the purpose of ‘utilizing the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool for the promotion of environmental awareness’.
Culminating in a worldwide final in Manilla, the Philippines, featuring delegates from 90 different countries, the contest began with regional competitions in participating countries. Lea Prstec was crowned Miss Earth Slovenia and went on to place in the Top 20 at the world finals.
Lighting, video, and audio production for the live final, which took place at a newly-opened event centre located in the countryside to the south of Slovenia, was taken care of by Vertigo Productions.
At the back of the stage, under the video screen constructed from 24 of ADJ’s AV4IP LED panels, Tomy positioned four Vizi CMY300 hybrid moving head fixtures, while to the sides he utilized a pair of Vizi BSW 300 luminaires. These fixtures were used to shoot beams up from behind the contestants and performers, as well as to project GOBO patterns on the roof and walls of the venue.
Six of the compact Vizi Beam RXONE dedicated beam fixtures were then positioned at the front of the stage, three on each side, while eight more – four on each side – were rigged to the upstage truss. This truss was also home to a pair of Vizi Hybrid 16RX fixtures, additional Vizi BSW 300s, and two of ADJ’s new Focus Profile LED-powered luminaires, which together created vibrant arrays of aerial effects.
“The Focus Profile is a premium quality fixture that is really well made,” enthuses Tomy. ”I have used lighting from all the biggest name manufacturers in the industry and this ranks up amongst them. The output is phenomenal, more than enough for the biggest stages we work on. And it has everything packed into one fixture – CMY, framing, zoom, effects – which makes it very versatile. I can use it for beam effects on a show like this but also in a theatre setting, where we work on a lot of opera productions and framing shutters are essential. I plan to invest in many more units of this fixture, it really is the best light I have ever worked with.”
Alongside the moving heads, Tomy also made use of a number of ADJ’s LED-powered static wash fixtures. Eight 32 HEX Panel IP units were mounted around the central video screen, to serve as audience blinders and ‘eye candy’ effects, while the stage was backwashed by eight 18P HEX LED pars. The contestants and performers on stage were illuminated by fixtures mounted on a truss goalpost located towards the back of the room. This contained COB Cannon Wash wide angle wash fixtures loaded with RGBA colour-mixing COB (Chip On Board) LEDs as well as a pair of Encore FR150Z warm while LED Fresnel fixtures.
To accentuate the beams created by the moving head fixtures, Tomy deployed a pair of ADJ’s Entour Haze Pro professional grade haze machines, which use an oil-based fluid to create a very fine mist that enhances aerial effects while still allowing cameras to capture sharp images of people on stage. Finally, he extended the production of the event all the way around the room by up lighting the side walls using ADJ’s new Mirage Q6 IP wireless wash fixtures.

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