ISE 2023: Dante AV adoption accelerates
Friday, 27 January 2023
danteSeveral OEM partners will introduce new Dante AV-enabled products next at ISE 2023
Spain - Audinate Group has announced that 30 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have now licensed the Dante AV technology to build networked video devices. The list of OEMs includes AdTechno, AVer, AVONIC, Bolin, BZB Gear, Chingan Technology, Cypress, Lumens, Minrray, Patton, PTZ Optics, ProAVIT, Soundhouse, Televic, Telycam, Tenveo, ValueHD, Yamaha and Yuan.
Several of the OEM partners will introduce new Dante AV-enabled products next week at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, including: Bolin: the D2-210H and D2-220H PTZ cameras; BZB Gear: the BG-ADAMO-4KDA PTZ camera; Lumens: the VC-A71P PTZ camera and PTZOptics: the Link 4K 20x PTZ camera.
These add to the growing ecosystem of 15 Dante AV products that are currently released and available to purchase, including cameras, encoders and decoders. In addition, several manufacturers will preview pre-production products at the show, including AdTechno, Bolin, Soundhouse and Yuan.
“The network effect is in full force here at ISE,” said Joshua Rush, chief marketing officer at Audinate. “We have seen a sharp increase in demand for Dante AV from OEMs seeking to bring the ease of use and interoperability of Dante to the networked video market, and we’re excited to see more and more of these products come to market and make their way into customers’ hands.”

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