Yamaha launches live streaming mixer
Friday, 27 January 2023
ag08-b02The AG08 supports an impressive depth of streaming applications
Europe - The AG08 is a new all-in-one, multi-purpose live streaming mixer and audio interface from Yamaha. As the flagship model of the company’s second generation AG series, it combines all the essential functionality of the AG range with practical new, intuitive functions for a powerful streaming solution.
By integrating more flexible I/O and USB routing options, additional DSP effects, expanded functionality and improved internal circuitry, the AG08 supports an impressive depth of streaming applications, including speech, instrument, playback, gaming and ASMR, as well as offline audio content creation, all with class-leading sound quality. But while it’s packed with useful features, the AG08 is very flexible and simple to use.
Eight input channels are provided, all with assignable faders and mute switches for instant, hands-on control of sound levels. A range of effects is processed by the AG08’s onboard DSP, ensuring zero latency and no load on the user’s Windows or Macintosh computer. They include a new voice changer effect on Channel 1, with an amp simulator on Channel 2 for enhanced guitar or bass sound. All of the unit’s input channels feature compression, EQ, reverb and delay, which can be set independently, allowing the optimal setting for each input to be dialled in.
A ducker function can automatically attenuate channels 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 to make sure the sound from channels 1 and 2 is always clearly heard. A maximiser is also provided on the output stage, which can add a level boost to the mix for extra polish and professionalism, as well as attenuating peaking signals to ensure listeners enjoy the best audio experience.
Four effect preset buttons allow users to save effects settings and seamlessly switch between customized presets for Channel 1, providing versatile, real-time control on the fly, while the dedicated AG08 Controller app for Windows, Macintosh and iPad OS provides precise parameter control and detailed audio management functions.
The AG08 also includes six customizable sound pads that allow users to easily add pre-recorded sound effects and other audio playback in real time. Using the AG08 Controller app, sound files can be dragged, dropped and assigned to the pad of choice, or samples can be recorded via the AG08’s inputs and trimmed to length within the app.

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