Panthers power Dead & Company on the beach
Thursday, 2 February 2023
pantherDead & Company kicked off 2023 with a concert series in Riviera Cancún, Mexico
USA - Dead & Company kicked off 2023 with a concert series in Riviera Cancún, Mexico and chose Meyer Sound’s Panther to power the destination event. Dead & Company tour director and FOH engineer, Derek Featherstone brought UltraSound LLC’s Panther system to the beach to anchor the 14-17 January series that also featured a one-night headline performance by rising American rock band Goose.
UltraSound provided a Panther system with 16 per side (12L, 4W) providing even coverage across the long, narrow waterfront audience area. The system also included six Panther per side (4L, 2W) for out-fill, six Panther (L) for lipi-fill, a centre cluster with six Leopard, and 24 1100‑LFC, supported by six Galileo Galaxy 816 processors.
“The Panther system covered the space as we expected it to and easily kept up with the wind,” said Derek Featherstone, UltraSound CEO. “We are happy with the simplicity of deployment and fidelity.”
Goose FOH engineer Eric Loomis commented: “The Meyer Panther was a joy to mix on. Its phase coherence is quite apparent, and the transient response is wonderful. The UltraSound team was very accommodating to our whole crew and made the show run smooth.”
UltraSound introduced Panther on Dead & Company’s 2022 summer tour and plan to deploy it for The Final Tour: Dead & Company Summer 2023, with 29 shows in 19 American cities starting 19 May in Los Angeles.

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