Prolights Mosaico L lights season sustainably
Friday, 10 February 2023
prolightsThe light show utilised Prolights Mosaico L projectors and personalised gobo images
Italy - In response to environmental and energy sustainability challenges, the city of Formia turned to the power of Christmas architectural projections as the most effective way to illuminate its urban landscape over the recent holiday season.
Six of the city's landmarks and community gathering places were dressed up with a light show, utilising Prolights Mosaico L projectors and personalised gobo images supplied by Prolights. The image-mapping technique was used to adapt the projections to the specific buildings, creating a different and dynamic display at each location.
The Mosaico L projectors proved to be the ideal tool for this project, with their flexibility and remote-control capabilities allowing for dynamic scenes to be displayed in sequence. The 300W LED source and efficient optical system of the projectors also significantly reduced energy consumption, resulting in a 75% reduction in operating costs compared to traditional lamp fixtures and a much lower environmental impact.
The display was met with widespread approval from both residents and visitors, with images of the illuminated buildings quickly going viral on social media.
"We are thrilled to be at the forefront of sustainable holiday lighting solutions and proud to bring this innovative technology to our city," said a representative from the city of Formia.

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