Genelec decks out the Bon Vivant
Wednesday, 15 February 2023
yachtThe Bon Vivant superyacht
Finland - The Codecasa-crafted Bon Vivant superyacht accommodates up to 12 guests across its six cabins, with a Nordic-inspired interior. To round off the on-board experience, Finnish integrator 4Business Oy was brought in to install a comprehensive AV system, featuring Genelec loudspeakers
4Business was given a strict initial brief detailing the need for reliable, stand-alone AV systems which were easy for the crew to use. The team implemented a centralised matrix with automated logic controls that would serve the crew and client better.
Sonic clarity was the primary driver behind decisions, yet all technical equipment had to be hidden out of sight. "We worked closely with the interior architect to ensure that all the components were integrated properly," explains Janne Lankinen, chief operating officer at 4Business. "We’re used to this level of cross-disciplinary collaboration and utilise 3D modelling tools to plan the project properly and minimise the actual integration time. The entire process took almost a year."
Bon Vivant is divided into three main areas: an upper deck comprising the lounge and bridge, the middle deck which hosts the saloon, gym, multi-functional room/office, and the master cabin, and finally the lower deck, which is made up exclusively of the remaining bedrooms. These rooms were fitted with their own Genelec audio system. 4Business devised a solution consisting of in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers to preserve the minimalist interior.
Lankinen explains, "We opted mainly for Genelec’s AlC25 model, which provides the backbone of the installation. This in-ceiling loudspeaker blends seamlessly in any room with zero compromise in audio quality – perfect for projects of this nature where discretion is nearly as important as sound quality."
In total there are 37 Genelec loudspeakers on board the Bon Vivant: the crowning jewel, the master cabin, incorporates five AlC25s in the ceiling, with a 5041A subwoofer hidden in the wall to manage the low end. Even the ensuite bathroom has a pair of AlC25s. The VIP cabin comes a close second, sporting two AlC25s and a 7350A subwoofer, as well as a singular AlC25 in the bathroom. Each of the remaining bedrooms are also equipped with a pair of AlC25s.
Beyond the living quarters, there is a multifunctional room that can double as an office or meeting room and an onboard gym, both of which are specified with identical in-ceiling loudspeakers. The upper lounge and main saloon areas required more substantial coverage, so the team installed five AlC25s in the former, and six AIW25 in-wall models in the latter.
Yacht-wide control was realised with a Control4 solution – an intuitive interface which connects smart devices to work in unison – providing overriding management of all the Sonos port players plus the Symetrix DSP processor and mixer, which connect all the individual areas. It also controls the video matrix and NAS drives, and finally the TV lists and preamps for multichannel audio. These elements can be accessed using a mobile app, as well as via physical remote controllers.

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