DPA d:facto on song for Måneskin dates
Wednesday, 1 March 2023
dpa-dfactoSound engineer Enrico La Falce selected DPA Microphones’ d:facto 4018V Vocal Microphone
Italy - Grammy-nominated and Eurovision-winning Italian rock band Måneskin continues its ascent with a world tour and dozens of festivals in every corner of the globe.
Måneskin puts its trust in sound engineer Enrico La Falce, whose experience spans the panorama of Italian pop and rock music. Building off his first role as a studio assistant in London and his career as a mixing engineer and producer in Italy, La Falce knew he wanted a natural and uncoloured microphone to support the band’s glam-rock sound on tour. For this, he selected DPA Microphones’ d:facto 4018V Vocal Microphone.
“When we were planning the rehearsals with Måneskin for their first ‘big’ concerts, I met with the band’s monitor engineer, Remo Scafati, to exchange ideas regarding gear,” says La Falce. “He suggested that I test the DPA d:facto 4018V for vocals. I have other colleagues enthusiastically using it as well, so I decided to give it a try.
“From the moment I connected the d:facto to my Sennheiser Digital SKM 6000 transmitter, I fell in love with the microphone; primarily for the sound quality, but also for being a truly valuable tool. Since then, Lead Singer Damiano David’s voice has always been entrusted to DPA Microphones’ d:facto.”
Måneskin chooses not to use AutoTune or any other pre-production effects, instead opting for a raw sound reminiscent of Blink-182 or Green Day, making the neutral tone of the d:facto 4018V an ideal addition to the group’s gear line-up.
“The d:facto has a nice sound that is warm and thick, and it has crazy detail unlike many other capsules,” La Falce continues. “I especially like it for the range around 5,000 to 6,000 Hz. Usually this range remains glassy and you have to play with the EQ to correct it, but the d:facto doesn’t have that problem. Plus, it presents the voice naturally. You can always add character from the console, but the d:facto provides a clean, precise translation of the voice.”

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