1 Sound solution for historic Levoy Theatre
Thursday, 2 March 2023
final-tuningFinal tuning of the new sound system
USA - The famed Levoy Theatre in Millville, NJ has undergone a full audio renovation, under the consultation of KMK Technologies, utilising 1 Sound speaker technology and designs.
Two Contour CT28 Point Sources were installed on each side of the proscenium, with an additional two dedicated for balcony seating, replacing the pre-existing line array system. The Contour CT28 is a compact, 3-way, horn-loaded loudspeaker, that has a medium-long throw and is capable of delivering a max SPL of 145 dB. CT28 Wall Brackets were used for mounting to the proscenium, allowing for horizontal and vertical aiming of the speaker without having to remove it, in order to focus the loudspeakers easily for optimal coverage.
Six Panorama MS34’s were utilised as front-fills on the lip of the stage, linked to each other to run off of one cable. These are used with an M+S Controller, running all the MS34’s in Mono + Stereo mode, this way, all the seats in their field hear stereo no matter what side of the audience they are in. These were selected to be flexible for when the stage thrust is removed and the layout changes from an orchestra pit to a rock band format. Three additional Panorama MS34’s were mounted under the balcony as fills.
For comprehensive low-end coverage, two SUB2112’s were deployed on either side of the stage.
Sean Pedrick, technical director for the Levoy, comments, “Since the early 1900s, the Levoy Theatre, positioned in downtown Millville, NJ, has been an intersection of culture, education, and entertainment in the South Jersey area. Through various trials and iterations, the Levoy has made a mark on the city and people of Millville as a vaudeville theatre, Warner Bros motion picture cinema, entertainment centre, and more. Today, the Levoy hosts a variety of live musicals and plays, comedians and movies, tribute bands and national touring artists, children's Theatre programming, educational classes, and more.
“When the search for an updated sound reinforcement system began in the summer of 2022, we quickly realized that there could be no compromise in either audio quality or aesthetic beauty. A solution was needed that would create an experience of even and impactful sound coverage, sonic intelligibility and clarity, and minimal visual impact on the ornate design of the theatre and stage - speakers that both sounded and looked like they were designed for the room from the start.
“To that end, Thomas Knauss, principal of KMK Technologies, was enlisted as the audio consultant by the Levoy Theatre and he connected us with Lou Mannarino and the team at 1 Sound.”

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