Nexo systems elevate productions in Wodonga
Friday, 3 March 2023
pxlCarols by Candlelight in Wodonga
Australia - Operating out of Wodonga, Victoria, Professional Audio Services (PAS) is defined not only by its dedication to quality entertainment experiences, but also its dynamic father-son duo: managing director Tony Boon and lighting & technology specialist Adam Boon.
Having carved a reputation for itself as a provider of quality audio for theatre shows, council events, concerts and more, PAS sought to elevate their production capabilities further by streamlining their systems catalogue- pivoting to Nexo’s point source offerings.
“We were reorganising our business, as we had lots of different speaker systems and older things from separate places,” recounts Tony. “Ultimately, we decided to go with a framework that operates together more seamlessly. From cables to amps and speakers, we now have a variety of Nexo equipment to call on, all from the same family.”
Eager to road-test the new technology by the end of 2022, PAS recently assisted the community of Wodonga with two well-reviewed events: Borderville’s Circus in Junction Square and the city’s Wodonga Brass Carols by Candlelight.
“Junction Place was a circus gig that used four P15+ cabinets and four Geo MSUB18’s,” says Adam. “We also used a pair of P10+’s to fill where the tree foliage ate up our HF. Wodonga Brass Christmas Carols was six Geo M10 modules per side, four Geo MSUB15’s and six Geo MSUB18’s in an array that was designed in NS-1 for even coverage across the massive audience space, and to minimise the onstage bass build-up. All console-to-amp connections were via AES3, and parameter control was all networked. We configured, tested, and adjusted the system with Nexo’s NeMo iPad app.”
Summarising his recent experience with their new P+ and Geo M systems, Tony states: “Everything is excellent to work with. The combination of quality loudspeakers and NS-1 prediction is incredible- you can tell exactly what is going to happen before you even load a box into your vehicle. I also really like the new sound signature- it’s easy to work with, the performance-to-weight ratio is great, and the coverage is just incredible. It’s a whole different world.”

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