L-Acoustics provides solution for Eventech
Thursday, 16 March 2023
eventech-l-acoustics‘System designers enjoy having new technology at their disposal’
South Africa - Pretoria-based Eventech has invested in 12 Kara II boxes and a further 26 Kara II Panflex upgrade kits. The company has also invested in eight L-Acoustics X12 monitors, all of which were purchased from DWR Distribution.
“Our original L-Acoustics Kara investment was back in 2018 and it feels like an eternity ago,” says Wynand Veldsman from Eventech. “At that time, we had a fleet of ageing boxes that served us very well over the years, but as times changed and the focus shifted, we required lighter, smaller, high-performance boxes that could be set up with ease and not consume as much time as the older boxes did.
“The luxury of having a few days for load-in was gone, and speed, quality and efficiency were key. After many months of considering our options and many product reviews, the announcement came that DWR would be the L- Acoustics agents in South Africa, and we made the call and placed the order.” Their artillery also includes eight ARCS WiFo, 24 SB 18 and four KS28.
Post Covid-19 pandemic, Eventech has seen business soar, not just locally but across the country. To meet demand, company owner Henry Jenkins and Wynand once again contacted Duncan Riley from DWR, deciding to purchase eight L-Acoustics X12 (2-way passive 12” point source monitors), 12 new Kara II modular line source loudspeakers, and 26 Panflex kits to give each existing Kara four-in-one directivity: one box handily covers any audience geometry.
Eventech’s new units went out for their first show with Gearhouse South Africa, used for Imagine Dragons. In April they will roll out on a large project that will tour across the country.
"Being at the forefront of audio technology is key," said Wynand. "System designers enjoy having new technology at their disposal and being able to harness maximum performance out of the boxes to ensure that the audience and performers have top audio quality. As for DWR, the best advice and guidance is always just a phone call away. We cannot fault the service we have received over the years from the entire team. In our business, service and back up is key and DWR has never let us down. We look forward to the next order.”
Adds Duncan Riley of DWR Distribution, “The longevity of L-Acoustics allows clients to own boxes for a long period, adding a ten-year lease to gear. Eventech has gone from Kara to Kara II and it hasn’t been an emotional buy but a long-term investment. We are honoured to have an ongoing relationship with Henry and Wynand, and it has been wonderful to see them grow from strength to strength. Thank you very much for your continued support.”

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