Chauvet lights Het Amterdames Winterparadijs
Monday, 17 April 2023
winterparadijs4Ice-skating in Amsterdam
The Netherlands - For 18 days this winter, Het Amterdames Winterparadijs turned RAI Amsterdam into an enchanted world that filled 38,000sq.m of indoor space, (plus 5,000sq.m outdoors), with many attractions including a market, massive indoor-outdoor ice-skating rink, snow play area, ferris wheel, apres cross country skiing trail, silent disco, and a variety of food and drink options, as well as on-stage performances by various artists.
Providing the technical production that supported this captivating event, produced by 4PM Entertainment, was Unlimited Productions. For the lighting that was so essential to setting the “winter escape mood” at the attraction, the production specialist relied on over 600 IP65 rated Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Splendit.
Having IP65 rated units for the event was essential to Unlimited Productions achieving its vision for the design. Not only would these outdoor rated fixtures be more reliable, but they would also contribute to the ‘happy illusion’ that is so much a part of any winter attraction’s captivating charm.
“We really wanted to avoid external rain protection such as domes to keep a clean look and not distract from the magical mood of the visitor’s experience,” said Unlimited Production’s Bert Kelchtermans the production manager of the event. “As a result, having the option of a wide range of IP-rated fixtures was a really nice bonus. Of course, reliability was very important, and with the COLORado Quad zooms, COLORado Batten Q15, and COLORado Q40 panel we had no issues in the outdoor area even in harsh conditions of cold temperatures, rain and snow.”
Unlimited Production used 222 COLORado Quad Zoom fixtures in the space, most of them (162 units) were dedicated to creating general atmospheric lighting and accenting scenic elements, while the remainder were positioned in the eating and drinking areas.
Most of the 54 COLORado Batten Q15 linear fixtures were used to define walkways and waiting areas with colourful light, while other units created an eye-pleasing effect. The 68 COLORado Q40 fixtures were sprinkled throughout the attraction for general lighting.
In addition to the COLORado units, the lighting package featured 46 Color STRIKE M fixtures. “We used the Color STRIKE M for general lighting,” said Kelchtermans. “It was chosen for its massive output. Since most lights could not be easily reached after they were installed, we were grateful that we could tilt the head of these units to give us some flexibility in focusing.”
Lighting other areas where manually focusing lights was not practical, were 34 Rogue Outcast BeamWash fixtures. Other moving light that figured prominently in the design were eight Maverick MK2 Spot and 32 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, both of which were used to light performance stages. Also featured in the lighting system were 32 STRIKE P38 units.
The massive event space was divided into different areas for the purposes of lighting. In some areas warm colour tones were used to set a cosy mood, while in others, a cool blue tint was used to reflect the spirit of wintry outdoor activities.
A particularly memorable part of the attraction for many visitors was the apres ski area. “I had a lot of fun designing this space,” said Kelchtermans. “4 PM Entertainment, which had a great vision for this event, wanted a real party bar atmosphere. So, I wanted to create a typical bar look with lights that would be on sound-to-light mode, but I also wanted to have full control. In the end we had the craziest setup in here using 20 Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures.”

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