Cinewav immerses Vivid Sydney visitors
Wednesday, 31 May 2023
vividCinewav is being used to narrate visuals across Vivid Sydney
Australia - At Vivid Sydney 2023, visitors will be able to discover, a whole new way of experiencing immersive, super-sized light and animations with their own personalised cinematic quality audio’.
The Cinewav innovation, means spectators can fully appreciate the aural design of Vivid Sydney artworks from anywhere: on the water, from across the harbour, from the top of a building and more.
Cinewav is a patented technology that allows users to listen to a clear, crisp soundtrack on their smartphone in-sync with a public show.
For Lighting of the Sails: Life Enlivened 2023 by John Olsen and Curiious at Sydney Opera House, Fabio Nardo, creative director at creative technologist Curiious comments, “Curiious are always exploring new trends in immersive communications. Large-scale animations tend to be purely visual. Cinewav gives us even greater creative freedom so that visitors can intimately experience the art in a sensitive and more immersive way.”
Cinewav has worked with local expert suppliers such as TDC - Technical Direction Company, The Electric Canvas and The P.A. People, to integrate its app into many spectacular light installations at Vivid Sydney 2023. All visitors must do is to download the Cinewav app to their smart phone from Apple, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery, get the audio ticket and press ‘Play’- and remember to bring earphones/headphones!
Vivid Sydney's Festival director, Gill Minervini, said that Cinewav's technology would help bring the activations and installations to life along the 8.5km Light Walk. “We’re excited to continue our successful relationship with Cinewav to inspire and delight festival-goers with cutting edge technology and creativity. Cinewav’s technology allows us to deliver audio that matches the quality and scale of the visuals of Vivid Sydney, offering an exciting and immersive experience,” she said.
Cinewav founder, Jason Chan added: “Bringing high-fidelity sound that is incredibly scalable to each individual person is going to be a gamechanger for visitors at Vivid Sydney. We are already receiving record breaking downloads of the app this year. People around the harbour area - including on cruise ships or in restaurants - will be able to experience the astonishing visuals in perfect sync with the bespoke soundtrack.”

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