disguise Cloud Platform adds Mapping Matter
Wednesday, 14 June 2023
mappingAll projection-mapped visuals can be previewed within a 3D digital twin of the AV installation environment
UK - disguise has announced the integration of Mapping Matter into disguise Cloud, a significant update that will enable users across large-scale installations, location-based experiences (LBX), brand experiences, live events and more to plan and previsualise projection mapping projects - all in one place.
With the integration of Mapping Matter, disguise Cloud will be the only platform that offers interactive previsualisation and projection mapping tools directly in one web browser. Using the same tools leveraged by Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory and Creative Technology for nearly a decade, live events teams will be able to take charge of their video projection specs, luminance levels and pixel densities while easily iterating on complex projector placements in the cloud.
All projection-mapped visuals can then be previewed within a 3D digital twin of the AV installation environment. This enables teams to effortlessly plan and manage entire projects in one platform ahead of the event date, saving time and resources so they can focus on creativity.
“It can be challenging for designers to accurately plan projector placement and coverage for large-scale or complex projects. On top of that, designers need to be able to share accurate representations and evaluate their projects with clients and their teams. Our platform makes the process fast, creative, easy and highly collaborative,” says disguise head of cloud solutions, Niall Thompson.
“A total breeze to use, Mapping Matter gives me a reliable evaluation of luminance and pix density, plus the visuals needed for focused discussion with stakeholders,” says Cirque du Soleil technical director, Christopher V. Whelan.

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