Ricoh Latin America and Kramer forge alliance
Thursday, 15 June 2023
ricohpartnershipsome-1000x1000The alliance aims to provide effective and intuitive end-to-end solutions
USA - Ricoh Latin America and Kramer have signed an exclusive strategic alliance for the Latin American region. The alliance aims to provide effective and intuitive end-to-end solutions across various sectors (corporate, education, healthcare, etc.) to deliver audio visual experiences that enhance creativity, collaboration, and interaction in a hybrid world.
Ricoh Latin America offers interactive displays that integrate the Android operating system and a range of pre-installed applications. These displays allow for the viewing of MS Office documents, annotation directly on the documents with the ability to save them on the board or in the cloud, web browsing, and screen sharing, among other functions. Ricoh also provides interactive displays with the Windows 11 operating system, which is ideal for corporate applications as required by companies.
"We are proud to announce this alliance. Ricoh's partnership with Kramer is another significant step in our drive to accelerate customers' digital adoption, providing enriched learning and collaborative work experiences with greater flexibility to meet their needs,” says Jesús Santiago, vice president of sales at Ricoh Latin America. “Our goal is to deliver a strong and robust value proposition, equipping organisations with the necessary tools to work, collaborate, and create smarter through the use of innovative technologies."
"Today, Kramer focuses on delivering products, solutions, and services with a customer-centric approach, constantly listening to the market to help end-users stay more connected than ever,” says Amit Ancikovsky, Kramer president Americas. “The goal of this alliance is to leverage the extensive expertise of both companies to provide all types of high-quality audiovisual experiences. With a reputation established over 40 years, we provide reliable and high-performance solutions for various industries worldwide."

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