PRO3 invests in Robe Fortes
Monday, 3 July 2023
robe-pro3-mexico-pro231747311Chicho pictured with some of the company’s new Fortes (photo: Louise Stickland)
Mexico - PRO3 was started as an innovative lighting and visual design studio full of fresh ideas and approaches sparked by the imaginative synergy between three partners and lighting enthusiasts based in Mexico City. The company is still growing and is now also a significant lighting rental equipment supplier for the numerous shows, tours and events in which they are creatively involved.
PRO3 first invested in Robe moving light products around seven years ago, starting with Pointes, then expanding to MegaPointes and Spiiders. Their most recent purchases are 50 Fortes, 30 of which have been delivered by Mexican distributor ShowCo, with 20 more on their way.
‘Chicho’ as he’s universally known throughout the industry (‘real’ name Osvaldo Giuliano) comments: “As soon as the industry restarted after the pandemic, Forte fixtures started being frequently requested on riders and since then the demand for them has gone through the roof, so it was vital that we have them in stock.
“It’s a big beautiful and powerful light and we wanted them for our larger projects,” he states. And there are currently plenty of large projects happening, including the Ana Torroja tour, which is designed around the 30 Fortes currently in the inventory.

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