Green-Go DanteX enables Tori Amos comms
Friday, 7 July 2023
greengoMiles Barton, FOH and system technician; Mark Hawley FOH engineer; Neil Heal, monitor engineer; Andy Yates, stage and monitor technician and Alex Penn, 22live commercial director
USA - The US leg Tori Amos’ 2023 Ocean to Ocean tour kicked off in West Palm Beach, Florida in June with a fresh and varied setlist, ready to rouse fans across the States. The crew joining this year’s US leg are armed with an array of Green-GO Digital intercom products.
At the heart of the setup is a Green-GO DanteX Interface, which is directly converting digital audio streams from Dante to Green-GO and vice-versa without loss of quality.
“The Green-GO DanteX Interface was key to our system,” says Alex Penn, commercial director at UK-based 22Live, which supplied a complete audio system for the Ocean to Ocean tour in both Europe and the US. “The tour was already using an extensive Dante network that covered many jobs including the PA returns, and shared stage racks for both the FOH and monitor mixing consoles.
“Utilising the DanteX Interface enabled the comms to be seen by the desks, which in turn meant that the comms can be routed either to IEM packs on stage which are also used by the crew in prep, and also sent to the loudspeakers if so desired as a shout style system.”
The crew are kitted out with six Green-GO Beltpack X units, allowing communication over 32 available channels, a program audio channel and an extra channel for direct user communication. Via this, the team can talk to multiple groups or directly - and privately - to other users.
Two Green-GO Beacon call indicator units are located with Miles Barton, PA and FOH system technician, and Andy Yates, stage and monitor technician, which light up when receiving comms from other key team members, allowing them to direct a reply to the designated group in the venue.
All the products were supplied to the tour by 22Live, sourced from Green-GO's exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, Canford Audio.
“We like Green-GO because the kit is fast becoming standard and widely used, which makes it a known quantity to many, and also enables easy to sub-hire additions if required,” adds Penn. “They are good value for money, reliable and flexible.”
Tori Amos’ Ocean to Ocean tour meanders through the entire United States during July 2023, visiting cities including Seattle, San Francisco, and St Louis.

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