Quantum triumphs at The Voice Lithuania
Tuesday, 25 July 2023
digicoThe live show featured 10 talented participants vying for the coveted title
Lithuania - This year was The Voice Lithuania 10th anniversary season, which is celebrated in style with a spectacular grand finale. The event was held at Lithuania's largest arena, Žalgirio Arena, located in Kaunas, the country's second-largest city.
The live show featured 10 talented participants vying for the coveted title, who were subsequently narrowed down to the top four contestants for the super finale. As The Voice Lithuania is one of the most significant and demanding projects on the country's events calendar, with an audience exceeding one million viewers, it was crucial to utilise top-notch equipment to ensure the seamless execution of the event.
Jurgis Stasikėlis, an independent sound engineer from Garsisc Sound Team, took charge of the audio and opted for a DiGiCo Quantum 338 console, provided by Sonus Exsertus, DiGiCo’s distributor for the Baltics and Georgia. He relied on the console's power and connectivity to deliver an exceptional audio experience.
“After two years of using the DiGiCo Quantum 338, we can confidently say that our experience has been overwhelmingly positive,” shares Stasikėlis. “The Quantum 338 has demonstrated exceptional reliability and consistently delivers high-quality output, surpassing our expectations.”
Stasikėlis explains that, particularly for The Voice Lithuania reality TV show, there were frequent changes in the setlist. “During rehearsals, we were unaware of the final setlist, and once we received it, swift adjustments were necessary. Thanks to the powerful DiGiCo snapshot engine, this was no longer an issue,” he notes. “The Macro function is particularly useful and easy for making important adjustments. These features ensured there were no delays or difficulties in keeping up with the dynamically evolving setlist during show.”
Combining Stasikėlis’s vision with the needs of The Voice Lithuania was an important challenge and required careful planning to ensure its success. However, as he explains, “it could be easily accomplished with the right equipment,” elaborating on the main challenge of the project, which was managing time due to the large number of participants per day, including live bands. “This needed a console with an organised layout, fast-access tools, and efficient audio paths,” he adds.
As a distributor of DiGiCo and KLANG, Sonus Exsertus was integral in the project’s success, supplying the products in good time and offering their team’s support when needed. “As a team, we strive to be the most reliable partner for our clients, providing unwavering support and fostering a close relationship with them,” says Ramūnas Alenskas, head of business development and one of the founders of Sonus. “This approach aligns with our personal and company values, and we believe that, combined with the exceptional quality of DiGiCo and KLANG products, it helps us and our partners achieve mutual success and satisfaction. This particular project is a testament to this remarkable relationship.”

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