Genelec creates MyGenelec portal resource
Friday, 25 August 2023
mygenelecprimage1Customers will be able to gain access to a growing range of community features
Finland - Genelec has announced the creation of the MyGenelec customer portal. At the time of launch, this free online resource provides customers with a single unified access point for all Genelec products, services, software downloads and more, and will progressively develop into a comprehensive community and knowledge base for all Genelec users worldwide.
The new MyGenelec portal currently provides customers with a convenient registration point for all Genelec services - both hardware and software - and allows access to personal product information, the ability to organise products into locations and rooms, subscription details, expert support, downloads and manuals. By using the MyGenelec portal to register their products, customers can also take advantage of the 5 year parts-and-labour warranty that Genelec now offers on its designs.
After creating their MyGenelec account, customers will in future be able to gain access to a growing range of community features including targeted services, GRADE room reports, offers and updates, segmented newsletters, event details and discussion groups - where knowledge, information and experiences can be shared with other Genelec enthusiasts.
"Identifying and solving our customers’ challenges has been fundamental to Genelec’s success since the company was created 45 years ago," comments managing director Siamäk Naghian. "While the first phase of the MyGenelec portal development already elevates the customer experience, it will go on to provide the Genelec community with a range of powerful, targeted tools and a network of knowledge and expertise, helping them to get the absolute best from their monitoring systems - and also bringing us a deeper understanding of our current and future customers."

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