Rogue Outcasts light Monheim City Festival
Friday, 25 August 2023
moheim-city-1photocredit-damien-brounsA wide range of music was offered on three stages (photo: Damien Brouns)
Germany - Situated between Cologne and Düsseldorf, the Monheim am Rhine community of under 50,000, bills itself as the “town for everyone” and backs up the claim by offering “a combination of natural beauty and urban sophistication, ancient ruins, and a thriving modern art scene”.
For three days this summer, the town’s commitment to diversity was on full display at the Monheim City Festival, a popular event that served up a spread of attractions, from art to interactive activities and, of course, a wide range of music on three stages.
At the open-air stage in the Gartzenweg, fans gathered until late in the evening to enjoy an array of performances representing different musical genres. The Stadtkapelle Monheim played pop, rock, and musical tunes. Air Flik and Micha Deutz rocked the turntables. DJ Fedde Le Grand, known for hits such as Let Me Think About It and Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, kept the party going with house music. El Flecha Negra opened one evening programme. German singer-songwriter Joris performed too, as did DJ Tujamo and DJ Dhali.
Supporting the mix of acts and reflecting the personality and music of each one was a versatile light show by Guido Schütz of LaserFrame and Patrick Hirt of Creative Sounds Veranstaltungstechnik that drew on the many performance features of the Chauvet Professional Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash.
Positioned in straight horizontal lines on rows of overhead truss, the high output IP65-rated fixtures contributed greatly to the party atmosphere on stage by increasing the intensity. The fixture’s precise colour mixing made it easy for the designers to reflect many moods with a broad palette, which the BeamWash’s pixel mappable ring opened the way to multiple specials. Relying on the fixture’s wide zoom range, Hirt and Schütz were able to vary coverage areas throughout the evening.

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