Showtec shines on castle in Billybird Park
Wednesday, 30 August 2023
play-castleThe largest play castle in the Netherlands
The Netherlands - The Billybird Park Dragon Kingdom is an amusement park in Reuver. Since it opened in 2013, the park has continued to grow and its latest attraction is the largest play castle in the Netherlands. Designed by Amusementprof, the castle is 15m high and features a lighting installation by Dynamic, Beeld, Licht & Geluid who used fixtures from Showtec.
The original Billybird Park began as Recreatieplas Hemelrijk back in 1986. Billybird Park Dragon Kingdom is the second of three Billybird parks that exist today, each of which is constantly being improved. Opened on the 30 April 2023, the new play castle at Billybird Park Dragon Kingdom is located on top of a hill and stands 15m tall.
The castle has various rooms, different obstacles to climb and features several slides, including one that descends 12m, watched over from the highest tower by a 10m long dragon.
When the sun goes down, the castle reveals another secret with a spectacular lighting display that illuminates the entire structure. The lighting setup was put together by Dynamic, Beeld, Licht & Geluid, an audiovisual company based in Venlo, the Netherlands.
To meet the demand for the ability to create different colour palettes to achieve different atmospheres, they chose lighting products from Showtec including Helix S5000 Q4 washers, Spectral M800 Q4 spots and Cameleon Flood 15 Q4 floodlights. These fixtures deliver deep, saturated colours with powerful RGBW LEDs. This combination of fixtures does a spectacular job, and because the lights are IP65-rated, they can be used no matter the weather.

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