TSL Lighting invests in more rigging gear
Friday, 1 September 2023
tsl-riggingTSL’s new 2000kg hoists boast a single chain (single fall) configuration
USA - Lighting and rigging company, TSL has prioritised increasing and improving the stock of rigging supplies within their inventory this year.
New investments which have already arrived are the EXE Rise D8 + 350kg and 500kg Chain Hoists, with the EXE Rise D8 + 1000kg and 2000kg LV Single Fall Chain Hoists on their way. These hoists are the most up to date and comply with European regulations.
TSL’s new 2000kg hoists boast a single chain (single fall) configuration, which means they are a lot bigger and more powerful but the main benefit is that the chain can be used without fear of getting it entangled which is an improved safety feature.
More Doughty frames and a range of truss have also been purchased to increase stock availability.
Sam Tamplin, TSL managing director says: "We're committed to developing our rigging capabilities by investing in the right people, standards and equipment.
“Last year TSL became a full member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association which has been invaluable in establishing training programmes and safety standards, meaning that customers can rely on the quality and safety of equipment and services provided by TSL.”

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