Showtec and Infinity light ParkCity Live
Tuesday, 19 September 2023
infinitySLF Group Rental + Sales BV provided lighting equipment by Showtec and Infinity
The Netherlands - Music, art and culture came together, once again, at ParkCity Live 2023 in Heerlen. This year, the event took place on the first weekend of July. SLF Group Rental + Sales BV provided lighting equipment by Showtec and Infinity for both the main stage and the dance area.
ParkCity Live is a family-friendly festival that regularly sells out and this year was no exception with the maximum capacity of 17,500 visitors reached on both days. The festival attracts both national and international acts and covers various music genres as well as comedy and theatre. The main stage and dance area both featured lighting by Showtec and Infinity supplied SLF Group Rental + Sales BV.
The light design for the main stage was created by Wesley Houben of The Nota Experience. Twelve top-of-the-range Infinity S601 Profile moving heads, chosen for their powerful output, wide beam angle and separately controllable blades, beautifully framed the performances. Twelve Showgear Rain Domes provided additional protection from inclement weather. “To add bright accents, I've opted for ten sets of Showtec's brand new Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze,” said Houben. “They added a lot of extra power and punch to the proceedings.”
Rob Debets from Prismatic Lighting was the light designer for the dance area. The large number of lights he had to play with included 28 Showtec Phantom 1220 Zoombars with full pixel control, 12 versatile Showtec Phantom 12R Hybrids and 28 Showtec Spectral M1500 Zoom Q4 MKIII spotlights. Nine strings of Showtec festoon lights added to the atmosphere too.
There were also 36 fast-moving Infinity iW-741 RDM washers and 20 Infinity B401 Beam moving lights with colour-bump functionality at his disposal. For optimal control over all of the lighting fixtures, the Infinity Chimp G2 light controller was used with the Banana Wing and Peanut Box offering even more possibilities.

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