CrowdLED adds sustainable edge to Britain’s Got Talent
Tuesday, 26 September 2023
bgt-front-of-houseCrowdLED's sustainable LED wristbands lit up the crowd for the finals of Britain's Got Talent at the Eventim Apollo
UK - In a world where live events are increasingly seeking sustainable solutions, Netherlands-based CrowdLED is proving that eco-consciousness and entertainment can harmoniously coexist. The live finals of the 16th season of TV talent show Britain's Got Talent, filmed at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, stand as a testament to this commitment.
When the show’s producers sought to create a “memorable spectacle” by lighting up the audience sustainably, they turned to CrowdLED. Embracing the challenge, CrowdLED deployed 3,000 reusable LED wristbands, illuminating 18,000 attendees across six shows. The result was a visual feast, with the audience's energy beautifully reflected and amplified by the pulsating wristbands.
The complexity of the Eventim Apollo as a venue - known for its challenging cabling and rigging - was easily navigated thanks to CrowdLED's wireless technology. “Even during high-pressure rehearsals, the system's user-friendly interface allowed for quick preparation and adjustments, ensuring a smooth show from start to finish,” the company says.
The reusability of CrowdLED's wristbands was another positive for the production. 98.5% of the wristbands were returned post-event, setting a new benchmark for sustainable live experiences. This commitment was in alignment with Albert, an environmental initiative championing sustainable practices in the entertainment industry.
Beyond Britain's Got Talent, CrowdLED has been lighting up major events in the UK inclusing the Commonwealth Games ceremonies, the Proms, Capital's Jingle Bell Ball, and the historic Burna Boy concert at London Stadium. The recent Coronation Concert of King Charles III (see LSi June 2023) further cements CrowdLED's reputation as a go-to solution for sustainable, immersive experiences. As the LED wristband specialist continues to light up the crowd, the message is clear: “Unforgettable events and sustainability can, and should, go hand in hand.”

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