Prolights Astras wash Golden Features tour
Thursday, 28 September 2023
prolightsThe Astras delivered surprising and spectacular colour effects
Australia - Prolights' Astra Wash37Pix lights illuminated DJ Golden Features tour, a project curated by lighting designers Nicholas Bechen and Ben Kocsis. This collaboration was made possible thanks to the contribution of Ei Productions, the supplier of lighting equipment for the tour.
"Golden Features, his manager, and I spoke a lot over probably two years about ideas and thoughts and what his intentions were for this tour," commented Nick. "We had a fair idea we would have to scale it back from the get-go, so we didn't go big and made it work pretty well in the end. I'm really happy with it. We seem to have walked away from the tour with a pretty decent show; the quality of the music being delivered helps make big lighting look and feel easy."
Ei Productions provided the gear for Sydney's Hordern show, giving Nick a chance to use Prolights Astra Wash37Pix with 11 units spread over two trusses, which was more than enough for this rig, providing surprising and spectacular colour effects.
Ben Kocsis praised the choice to use the Astra Wash37Pix: "The Prolights' Astras were good with a nice, fat beam, the colours seemed great, and they were certainly bright enough. On this tour, we took what we had and ran with it. I haven't used these before, but I'm happy to give whatever I'm given a try."

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