Absen partner summit convenes in Malta
Tuesday, 3 October 2023
absen-european-summit-2311This year’s summit was sponsored by three of Absen’s key partners: Peerless-AV, Brompton and disguise
Malta - Absen brought together over 100 of its European partners for a dedicated partner summit, at the end of September. Taking place on the striking island of Malta, the two-day summit provided Absen with the opportunity to convene with its high-level partners from across Europe, to share industry insights, to inspire new projects and to thank its partners for their on-going support.
This year’s summit was sponsored by three of Absen’s key partners: Peerless-AV, Brompton and disguise.
On day one, guests attended a conference with news, insights, panel discussions and interviews, as well as the opportunity to get hands-on with a range of Absen products, including the PL 2.5 Lite, Absenicon C138, KLCOB 0.9, CL 1.2pp and AX 1.5 powered by Brompton. In the evening and on day two, guests attended a host of networking and sightseeing opportunities to take full advantage of the historic location and expert community gathered by Absen.
This year’s location of Malta was specifically chosen as it’s home to approximately 100 Absen installations across the island. The installations demonstrate the range of capabilities of Absen products, including DOOH, retail, corporate, rental & staging and sport.
“The Absen European Partner Summit is a great opportunity for us to exclusively bring our valued European partners together, to personally show our appreciation and gratitude,” comments Ruben Rengel, vice president of global business development, Absen. “The value of the summit is incomparable, inspiring and educating guests as well as Absen to prepare for what’s to come in the next six months in the world of LED. We look forward to welcoming our partners in May 2024, for the next Absen European partner summit.”

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