Cannon Hill auditorium adds Prolights
Tuesday, 31 October 2023
cannon-hillThe Prolights EclFresnel 2K were installed in the auditorium
Australia - Cannon Hill Anglican College in Brisbane has upgraded its auditorium with an all-LED lighting rig, including the Prolights EclFresnel 2K and EcLFresnel Jr. Thanks to these fixtures, the college now has access to a broad palette of thousands of colours, providing many creative possibilities for their performances. All lighting fixtures were supplied by Show Technology, the official Prolights distributor in Australia.
The Prolights EclFresnel 2K were installed in the auditorium. To maintain the same level of quality in the foyer, which features a small stage, the EclFresnel Jr were strategically placed.
Josiah Kerridge, Brisbane Sound Group's installation & projects department manager, expressed his confidence in the Prolights EclFresnel 2K fixtures for this important project. Having previously installed numerous Prolights fixtures in various Queensland venues, Kerridge knew that the EclFresnel 2Ks were the right fixtures for the college.
"I knew they would be bright enough, not just with the white output but also with their colour engine," remarked Kerridge. "With other fixtures, as soon as you switch between colours, the brightness can diminish significantly. Once again, reliability was a key concern, and I've never encountered any problems with Prolights’ Fresnel series. That's why I chose this option."

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