Bavarian cultural centre installs GLD system
Thursday, 28 January 2016
Bavarian cultural centre installs GLD systemthe GLD installed in Modeon Cultural Centre
Germany - Modeon Cultural Centre in Bavaria recently purchased an Allen & Heath GLD digital mixing system to manage all its audio requirements across several rooms and involving a varied programme of events.

The centre has several performing spaces, and runs a variety of different events, including theatre productions, panel discussions and conferences.

Selecting a GLD-80 mixer with AR2412 remote IO rack, the centre also installed a patch bay to change the expander port on the AR2412 or the console from one room to another, and enable the centre to run simultaneous events, all routed and controlled via the mixer, or an iPad with the GLD Remote app to alter the levels in the specific room. Furthermore, the system provides playback and recording capability via a Dante network card, offering up to four stereo playbacks and up to 64 recording channels.

"For Modeon, the perfect choice was GLD. The audio demands range from a single microphone and playback, to up to 20 mics changing in every scene, and sometimes there can be two or more events running at the same time in different rooms, requiring control in every room," comments J├╝rgen Dietrich, head of Modeon's technical department. "GLD is a very flexible system, providing multi-room management, recording capability, impressive sound quality, and, in the latest firmware update, a raft of new features including auto mic mixing (AMM) functionality, which is a huge benefit in theatre productions."

(Jim Evans)

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