Hitachi unveils Phosphor family at ISE 2016
Wednesday, 27 January 2016
The Netherlands - At ISE 2016, Hitachi Digital Media Group will showcase an expanded range of high-end installation projection solutions. With large, curved bright projections highlighting the versatility and power of Hitachi's professional offerings, the stand will be the first opportunity in Europe for visitors to see several new products.

Hitachi will show their new LED Phosphor projector family in Europe for the first time. The brand new models on display, LP-WU3500 & LP-WX3500, feature new light source products and will be available from July 2016. This new LED platform features an Ultra Solid engine with High Lumen Density technology targeting 3,500lm and superior Colour Space. Another key benefit is true 20,000 hours System Life, virtually eliminating maintenance as the LED Light Source will never need to be replaced during the projector's lifecycle.

This New LED Phosphor light source family will be enhanced with Hitachi's high Brightness New light source Laser projector LP-WU9750 producing 8,000lm brightness with WUXGA resolution.

"Over the last 18 months, Hitachi has introduced a number of new products and technologies to the installation category and, with the launch of several new models at ISE, this pace of innovation continues," said Axel Kutschke, senior manager, presentation products for Hitachi Digital Media Group. "This expanded range of installation projection solutions being demonstrated at ISE ensures our customers can rely on Hitachi quality and low cost of ownership for an ever-widening range of applications."

In addition to appealing to users with installation and professional AV needs, the Hitachi projector range on-show also promises to appeal to customers in commerce and education, with demo areas inside the stand introducing new models in the 5000 series range.

Other solutions on show include the recently introduced Interactive Flat Panel Display, the ever popular Ultra-Short Throw models and the Chassis Camera models, as well many other models in the projector line-up.

(Jim Evans)

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