Nexo GEO at Ice Arena, Grenoble
Tuesday, 3 June 2003
Nexo GEO at Ice Arena, Grenoble
France - Nexo GEO S cabinets have been installed in the Ice Arena in Valence, near Grenoble in France. As part of an extensive refurbishment programme of the venue, Lyon Audio Equipement has designed and installed a new sound reinforcement system, using a combination of PS8 and GEO S805, driven by Yamaha PC Series amplifiers.

The Ice Arena is used regularly for ice hockey, accommodating an audience of 850 for matches. The auditorium can be re-configured for ice shows, increasing its audience capacity to 1050. Providing coverage for the ice surface itself are eight Nexo PS8 compact full-range cabinets, bi-amplified by the PS8 processor and four Nexo LS400 power amps. For the audience seating, Bernard Maigre of Lyon Audio Equipement has specified two clusters of three GEO S805 tangent array cabinets.

"There is a truss, what you could call a bridge, that runs the length of the arena above the ice," explains Bernard. "We have fixed all the loudspeakers to this bridge, which also carries the lighting. The PS8s are angled downward to the ice surface, and the GEO clusters address the audience seats at the side of the arena. We get a good even sound coverage through the entire arena, averaging 100dB SPL, although we do have to cut the low frequencies just above the ice."

(Lee Baldock)

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