DM Audio's Euro debut for line array on Song Festival
Monday, 10 June 2002
DM Audio's Euro debut for line array on Song Festival
Lars Wern and his production team from DM Audio in Stockholm produced some inspired sound mapping, using a digital highway and proprietary audio tools, when the new Saku Suurhall in the Estonian capital of Tallinn hosted the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest on May 25. The audience of 6,000 were treated to the first major European installation of the Martin Audio Wavefront Line Array (W8L) - 24 enclosures clustered in rows of six, either side of the stage. This headed an all-digital design, in which DM ran QSC QSControl software and RAVE (Routing Audio Via Ethernet) on a CobraNet network to send audio signals and effect remote control of the Powerlight PL4.0 and PL6.0 amplifiers. The eight audio signals - to the low, mid and high sections of the loudspeakers, both left and right, plus the audience sidefills - were transmitted down just two power cables.

As a failsafe, all the cues, at the FOH and monitor mix positions, were backed up on a second Innova Son 48-channel Sensory desks while DM Audio also used TC Electronic’s state-of-the-art TC System 6000 to programme their reverb and delay settings. Finally, DM Audio used Rane’s RPM-88 10 x 10 DSP matrix, programmed with delay and EQ parameters, to feed the left and right main speaker systems, downfills, frontfills and extreme left and right.

Lars Wern, whose company produced the audio for the event in Stockholm two years ago, felt that they had again succeeded in working within the context of broadcasters, Estonian TV’s low-level auditorium requirement - without audio compromise: "It’s essentially a TV show and I’m delighted we were able to achieve such wide coverage, with perfect stereo imaging from the Martin Line Arrays - without affecting the TV sound."

(Lee Baldock)

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