Symetrix announces SymNET upgrade
Thursday, 6 June 2002
Symetrix announces SymNET upgrade
Symetrix has introduced SymNet Designer v1.2, which incorporates automatic mic mixers with master and slave modules in a 4, 8 and 16-channel configuration, as well as room combining modules for up to 16 rooms, with and without automatic mic mixing. These two highly requested features have been added in order to make the SymNet Audio Matrix system more versatile in a larger variety of applications. Another upgrade in SymNet Designer v1.2 is ARC-PS - a 1U rack-mountable power supply for up to 10 ARCs. The ARC-PS distributes power and control data via Cat 5 cable through 10 discrete outputs, or in daisy-chain combinations.

Two new add-ons to the SymNet line include BreakIn12 and BreakOut12. These products provide a cost-effective solution for extending the input and output capability of a SymNet system. Since they contain no on-board DSP, BreakIn12 and BreakOut12 are intended for use in systems where additional channel count is required, but additional processing is redundant. The units are scheduled to ship at the end of August 2002.

At NSCA 2002, Symetrix presented SymNet Designer 1.1 to support two new basic hardware items, a CobraLink breakout box and an 'adaptive remote control' (ARC) box. With an agreement to use Peak Audio's CobraNet, the standard for Ethernet-based digital audio and control signal distribution, the Symetrix CobraLink unit integrates with the SymNet family to permit more efficient communication within the system and connection to third-party units that support the CobraNet protocol. SymNet Designer 1.1 includes a CobraNet Bundle Manager for easy configuration of this new technology.

(Ruth Rossington)

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